"Kiss" thought-provoking reviews

Guillermo Calderon’s Kiss is a subtly monumental contribution emphasizing the absolute urgency of artists and art lovers supporting the survival of intimate theatre in Los Angeles and the amazingly thought-provoking, daringly rule-breaking product it generates here in our vast reclaimed desert wasteland…electrifying theatre, perhaps the best new play exhibited on any Los Angeles stage this year.

TicketHolders LA, reviewed by Travis Michael Holder

Directed by Bart DeLorenzo, Kiss is designed to elicit very specific audience reactions, which it does successfully. These reactions are crucial for the reveals that are to come and only emphasize the point that what you see is in fact not at all what you get. (...) Even every element of the seemingly generic set is specifically chosen to convey a certain tone and atmosphere.

On Stage and Screen, reviewed by Erin Conley

You’d never guess from scenic designer Nina Caussa’s stylish living room set or actors Kristin Couture and Max Lloyd-Jones’s blue-eyed blondness that we’re in the middle of war-torn Damascus, but (...) There is method in Chilean playwright Calderón’s seeming madness, and much power in what soon develops into a surreal, meta-theatrical commentary on love and war and loss and hope in a country gone mad, on our inability as Americans to understand a world so far removed from our own, and on the power of theater to bridge the gap between diametrically different lives.

Stage Scene LA, reviewed by Steven Stanley